Geographical Indications (GI) Management

The aim of GI management does not only restrict to strengthening the registration activities. When tailored to fit your product’s unique qualities, characteristics or reputation based on the geographical place of production, GI management optimizes the quality and efficiency of your creative, intellectual & productive assets and enables the consolidation of their competitiveness.

Our consultants develop a tailor-made approach that best fits the product’s needs and show you the best Strategy for your GI management:

  • Does your current GI strategy secure constant market revenues?
    With the right strategy you can protect your products against counterfeits, provide assurance of quality and distinctiveness which is essentially attributable to the fact of its origin and enforce your market share.
  • Does GI strengthen your brand?
    Applying a trademark and patent strategy enhances your brand and developing customer loyalty.
  • Which is the best strategy to proceed with in the case of GI infringements?
    We provide GI portfolio, financial and legal analysis and, in the case of infringements, provide support in formulating a business case for potential litigation strategies.

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