Global SME DevNet has also been instrumental in building and maintaining validated SME repository of products and raw materials of the Global SME and Apparel sector through our various primary and secondary sources. These data bases are created and updated periodically through statistical software and several input methodologies.

These databases are highly authentic & up-to date and recommended to institutions, government agencies, developmental organisations and multilateral donor agencies for decision making or further dissemination.

Market Watch Report – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

  • Raw materials
  • Products

Customized Reports

Market Intelligence of Global SME DevNet is an exclusive service that provides research-based information to the global textile & apparel industry. Our team works closely with clients & engagements partners to understand their requirements, analyze the requirements and deliver the apt solutions in a cost effective manner in the agreed timelines.

Our Services include Qualitative & Quantitative Research through primary and secondary research methodologies for SME industry globally.

  • Price Trend and Market Analysis – Historical, Current and Forecasting
  • Production, Consumption, Demand, Supply, etc.
  • Export & Import Data and Trade Analysis Report
  • Market Forecasting

Our exceptional client service is deeply entwined in a value system which helps us to TRANSCEND expectations in all our engagements in the global industry of SMEs